Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dear readers,

My apologies for not getting new blog posts out for the past few days.  A dear friend of mine passed away Thursday.  I have struggled to find a more eloquent way of saying that I have just been too sad to write, but there it is.  I promise to get back to it soon.

David was my mentor, my pole star and one of the finest men it has ever been my privelege to work alongside.  He was my predecessor as Chairman and also one of my predecessors here at Camp Lemonnier.  It was my great honor to speak at his retirement from the Navy, and on that occasion he was presented with an American flag which had flown over Camp Lemonnier, in token of his many accomplishments while here.

Our picture today therefore is of the colors flying over the camp, one of the many places David left a little better than when he found it.   Go in peace my dear friend, and let your burden pass unto a new generation.  We shall strive to deserve the example you set us.

I'll get back to the blog this week.

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